Moylan's, Hopsickle Imperial Ale

Grade: B+

I had the chance to try a few of Moylan’s beers at Rattle ’n Hum in New York City a while ago. We did a vertical tasting of sorts, the standard IPA, then the double IPA, ending of course with Hopsickle, the “Triple Hoppy” imperial IPA. The progression of beers was astounding, each one building on the successes of the former. I won’t say for a moment that this particular beer is balanced, it surely isn’t. It’s a celebration of hops, a true “hop bomb” in every way. In short, Moylan’s makes good beer. Go out, buy some, and drink it.

A slightly hazy, golden amber beer topped off with a creamy, offwhite head. There’s no mistaking it in the aroma, there’s hops in them thar hills. Pungent pine and resin, with tropical fruit notes, pineapple and grapefruit. The alcohol is mingling in the nose as well, with the caramel-sweet undertones of the malts. The body is full and rich, thick on the tongue with only a medium low level of carbonation to try and liven it up. The hops, and bitterness in general dominate in the front palate. Peach and tropical fruits mix with pine and earth.

The bitterness is full and throughout, however it’s not unpleasant paired with the thicker, fuller mouthfeel. Floral elements of grass and plant life linger in the background. The sweeter caramels and lighter toffee flavors of the malts are not to be missed however, behind all these hops. The malts give this beer a big, hearty feel to it. You absolutely know you’re drinking an imperial IPA, not from boozy alcohol flavors, but rather from the big malt and hop flavors.